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The success of an ERP selection and implementation depends largely on the personal experience of the consultant. Our essential features are experience and quality.


Our consulting enables companies across industries to align their organization with performance and quality. This includes the performance of your business processes through integration with IT service processes.


ERP² was founded with the aim to reduce risks in the selection of ERP systems for the business processes. Most common mistake: Human factor - most common source of error: misinterpretations and erroneous inferences. Helpful Solution: In the selection of experienced consultants, a deep and broad process and industry understanding and supporting tools that help to have the necessary tools for successful projects at hand.


ERP² means understanding processes, functions, and people who successfully communicate and communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, and colleagues in, through, with, and through software systems.

The motivation

Companies change or exchange their ERP system on average every 15 years. But what matters when the question is asked about a new ERP system? Are the providers actually comparable?


What is standard? Does it exist at all and what should, should or must include this standard? How do I find the right ERP system for my company? What questions I have to ask and what answers I have to expect?


Why is not it enough to create a list of functions - even though it makes systems comparable? Which questions should I ask in the selection process and why? Which questions should I ask myself from strategic considerations? Is my strategic orientation compatible with the conditions of the market?

What we do

We pass on our knowledge to you. We support you with the ERP selection, with the ERP introduction, with the ERP operation and everything that has to do with it in the widest extent.


We are coach, mentor and coach. We challenge and promote your project team:

  • during process recording and reorganization / modeling based on integrated ERP software,
  • in the harmonization of business processes with the necessary IT processes, in particular change, release, test, incident, security and access management,
  • we take over the project management for you, lead your projects to success and
  • We support you through interim and (de) -scale management.

Where other fail - we start

(De) scale management is one of our strengths. We help you from the start or from already lost project situations. We explore your situation objectively and with the eyes of the uninvolved third party. We show alternative courses of action and take over the moderation of the necessary solution discussions. Your project stays together or your project gets back on track.

Dialog is information - how about dialog?

The connection for a successful cooperation and a common goal. Successfully realize projects! Our success is your success. Inform yourself without obligation in a personal conversation. We are looking forward to your contact.


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