Overview of realized projects in sectors

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You are cordially invited to make the first check here and see if we have already successfully completed projects in your industry. You will find both discrete manufacturing and process industries. Trade is another skill.

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Discrete manufacturing


  • cable systems
  • air filter
  • mechanical assemblies

printing industry

  • plant control
  • liquid recovery plants

Electrical industry

  • Measuring devices
  • Switch cabinet
  • Lock system construction

Trade (import and export)

  • Spare Parts and OEM Trade Machine Parts (International)
  • Food and non food import
  • Import of Lifecycle Assessoires
  • Commodity trading for the plastics industry
  • Textile trade
  • Textile recycling

mechanical engineering

  • Tank / Container Construction
  • Packaging machines
  • CNC engineering
  • Inserters
  • Special machine construction commercial vehicles, portal construction
  • Sorting machines

Metal / steel processing

  • Sheet metal working, coils, sheets (punching, laser cutting, welding)
  • Wire processing
  • Driveshafts
  • Foundry, fittings, metal construction
  • Medical Technology (endoprosthetics)
  • PVC
  • Tower construction (wind turbines)


  • Shipyard

process industry

  • Flavors
  • Food Production
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Foils processing (bales, rolls)
  • Paper-processing industry, repair and maintenance