The success of an ERP selection and implementation depends largely on the personal experience of the consultant. Our essential features are experience and quality.

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ERP selection consulting

What distinguishes ERP projects from one another during implementation? What makes the difference between successful and less successful projects in terms of time, costs, quality and benefits? Are there 7, 10 or just 3 reasons that determine whether the subsequent ERP implementation will be successful? This much can be revealed in advance. A successful implementation requires a good selection. We believe that we have the right view of the selection process here, because our customers confirm that our method minimises risks and ensures the highest possible transparency and quality in the selection process when comparing different methods. Would you like to find out more? Use our experience profitably for your software selection and subsequent implementation? Are you a company in the medium-sized manufacturing industry? Then get in touch with us. We are the generalised specialists! When experience and successful project work meet processes and people in organisations to successfully implement ERP projects from selection to implementation, then our ERP² philosophy is a good choice. We are a neutral selection consultant committed solely to our customers.

ERP Projektmanagement

After successfully completing your ERP selection, do you want to pick up speed and are now faced with the question of how your ERP project can be successfully implemented? Who will guide you as "your" project manager on the customer side? Who will manage and steer your project team and keep an eye on time, resources and quality and accompany you to the finish line? Do you lack the experience in-house or is your IT more than busy with other projects and day-to-day business?

ERP Consulting

Is your software project in a challenging phase and in need of a coach? Are you looking for an experienced project manager who can manoeuvre your project out of a deadlocked project situation? An ERP process consultant who can do this objectively and with the perspective of an uninvolved third party! Someone who can get your ERP project back on track and get the entire project team (your company and your implementation partner) back into dialogue!

Experience with software systems

Relevance - as a project manager, I have introduced various ERP systems from large and medium-sized software system houses on the customer side. There is no preference in the project enquiry to me, nor do I exclude the introduction of certain systems. I support you with your ERP implementation and it is a matter of course for me to familiarise myself with the content of the respective software system as part of the ERP implementation. Feel free to ask me if I have already successfully implemented your chosen ERP system.

Experience with software systems

Necessity - with regard to the implementation as project manager, the respective ERP system is not decisive if you are concerned with the question of whether the project manager should know the ERP system. From my many years of experience, this is not necessary. Your team must have a good command of the software at the end of the implementation, not me as your project manager. When the project is successfully completed, I leave your project - the process knowledge must then be well established in your organisation. This is one of my tasks during the project. 

We get you and your project on track!
We get you and your project on track!

Dialogue is communication - Fancy a dialogue?

The connection for successful co-operation and a common goal. Whether in Hamburg or throughout Germany, I am your contact for ERP selection and ERP implementation - successfully realising projects together! Find out more in a personal meeting without obligation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Success through expertise!


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